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Hostel Jose Ramon


Hostel Jose Ramon, hostel located in the center of the city of Santa Clara near the spot where the city was founded, Carmen Park, are also very close to central train station of Santa Clara and the Parque Vidal.

Offers independent luxury apartment of 80 square meters including a 40 sqm terrace with roofed areas and the other with chairs and loungers bask.

The apartment has a bedroom room with closet, double bed with bedside tables, air-conditioned, terrace also includes a bathroom with a clothes hanger, hot and cold water springs 24 hours a day. There is a kitchen dining room of 15 square meters with an old dining room set with table for 10 people with an extra refrigerator and a full size kitchen system. Then there is a smaller sleeping area with a single bed for children or adults who wish to sleep separately. For the dining room with access to a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy the most spectacular views of the city of Santa Clara in the four cardinal points.

Hostel Autentica Pergola


Hostel Autentica Pergola, located in the historic center of Santa Clara, this house was remodeled in 1906 on the floor of a colonial house that is inserted into the space system of a traditional house in Cuba.

Has extensive interior corridors bordering a courtyard garden with a fountain and a pergola eight columns originating from the time of construction, which serves as a perfect place inside the house to relax and read a book after a long day of tour the city.

Canned floors and ceilings in good condition, also originating at the time, is of interest to visitors the height of the ceiling (6.00 m) with its hand-crafted original designs, according to historians of the city, was the first concrete roof become aware armed in the city of Santa Clara and it is speculated that the marble and steel used in its construction was transported in the same order of the Capitolio Nacional de Cuba.

This charming Cuban family offers travelers two rooms with the comfort and elegance of a modern building in the eclectic way in the first decades of the twentieth century. Both rooms have privacy and overlooking the interior courtyard garden, with chairs and tables enabled for your pleasure and enjoyment, with exotic plants and animals.

Hostel Buen Viaje


Hostel Buen Viaje, located in a colonial house built in 1867 retaining its original style, offers visitors a family environment in an adequate balance of history and contemporaneity.
Rent two double bedrooms with double beds, each with a private bathroom with hot and cold water 24 hours, the rooms have access to an indoor garden decorated with tropical plants, offering tourists a right mix of comfort and elegance. The hostel has wide corridors that surround the garden, furnished with chairs to better enjoy your stay.

The house is located only 150 meters from the Plaza also known as Elizabeth II, is very convenient for those who enjoy the proximity to it, yet calm and detachment from the bustle of traffic, the nightclubs of the square, and bystanders.

Remedios was 8th Villa founded by the Spanish in Cuba, not only treasured myths, legends and carousing, but also valuable architectural treasures, historical and cultural is everywhere. Recognized like national heritage from 1982, it shows between the principal tourist attractions of his historical center the Biggest Parochial Church and the Statue of the Freedom. The town celebrated every year on the dawn of December 25 the oldest traditional festival Cuba: The Parrandas.

During your stay at Hostel Buen Viaje have within reach the pristine beaches of the Keys Santa Maria and Los Ensenachos, the finest in the Caribbean.

ApartHostel Eva & Ernesto


ApartHostel Eva & Ernesto, you have the possibility to rent a comfortable, independent and modern top floor self contained apartment with one or two rooms, and a plain design with personal and particular touches where the retro and pop environments are intermingled, air-conditioned rooms with a bathroom each one, 24 hours hot and cold water service, distinguishable by its deep cleaning, there are a living-dining room, a freezer and a gas stove in a very well equipped kitchen.

If you please, you can prepare and cook your meals and feel as if you were in your own home, there are a balcony to the street, an inner terrace with a garden full of tropical plant and benches to rest under a shady and open-air pergola, and a service patio where you can wash and dry stuff.

Apartment Arturo Luis


Apartment Luis! rent an independent Apartment in the first flat with a Balcony to the street, wide and comfortable bedroom with air conditioning, bath with cold and warm water, wide kitchen – dining room with fridge, electrical and gas cooker and for your use during your stay in our accommodation.

We offer breakfasts, meals, laundry services, telephone national and international service.

Hostel Park


Hostel Park, is a private house to rent to tourists located in the center of the Santa Clara city, opposite to the park Vidal, where one finds the colonial zone a major tourist interest of the city. House of colonial style with an affordable and a comfortable room for your accommodation during your visit in the city of Santa Clara.

In the room there is a fridge, natural air from the balconies and air conditioning.

Offer breakfast for a price 3 cuc and meals changed at a price that changes between 7 and 10 cuc, all the meals to your taste with tropical plates, fruits and vegetables.

Villa Colonial Frank and Arelys


Villa Colonial Frank and Arelys, in the city of San Juan de los Remedios (National Monument) located in the province of Villa Clara, Republic of Cuba, you will find our Cheap Hotel “Villa Colonial”. We are just 5 meters of the Historical Helmet and 100 meters from the city centre!

Our cheap Hotel “Villa Colonial” is a beautiful colonial house constructed in 1879. We have a beautiful dining room as well as a Patio outdoors for your enjoyment and relaxation!

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation (we have capacity for 2 major persons of age and 2 minors of age per room).

We look forward to having you stay here!