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Hotel Conde de Villanueva


Hotel Conde de Villanueva this place is geared toward cigar freaks, and only true aficionados should stay here. The hotel features one of the better and most respected cigar shops in town, La Casa del Habano, which rents out private humidors so that regular clients can always have their own personal reserve. The rooms are large and soaked in old-world charm, not to mention the scent of tobacco — all are smoking rooms, of course. The better and more expensive rooms come with views over the street. The building dates back to the end of the 18th century, and features a large portrait of its namesake count in the entryway. Sebastian, the pet peacock, roams the large central courtyard. The semiformal Vuelta Abajo restaurant serves good Cuban cuisine, and there’s a wonderful, shady little park just across the street.

Restaurant; bar; concierge; 24-hr room service; laundry service; dry cleaning