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Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz


Hotel Beltran de Santa Cruz an elegant XVIII Century house, located very near Plaza Vieja, opens its doors transformed into a welcoming inn.
The suggested combination of modern and old elements is the cause that praises the originality of its attractive design. This house of noble origin, constructed by the parents of Gabriel Beltran de Santa Cruz, first Count of San Juan de Jaruco, belonged afterwards to the descendant of the honorable Marques de Cárdenas de Monte Hermoso.The most distinguished personalities that visited the city at that time were entertained at this house, among them we have the Baron Alejandro Von Humboldt, an eminent scientist and the Dukes of Montpensier and of Orleans. This last became later King Luis Felipe I of France. In the old city, an exquisite hotel will mark your stay with an indelible remembrance.