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Hotel Los Jazmines


Hotel Los Jazmines I give this hotel the nod over its nearby sister Hotel La Ermita, if only because you have much better odds of landing a room with a view. Most of the rooms are housed in two, three-story buildings set on a hillside overlooking the Viñales Valley. All are clean and comfortable, if a tad on the small side, and feature French doors opening onto a little balcony from which you can soak in the sights. Touches of gingerbread wrought-iron work and stained glass give the place a sense of elegance. If possible, request one of the third-floor rooms in the newer block, nos. 301 to 316. Sixteen duplex cabañitas (cabins) are located in a row heading downhill from the pool. These are a little bit smaller than the standard rooms, but are charming nonetheless.
2 restaurants; 2 bars; outdoor pool; tour and activities desk; gift shop; massage; laundry service

Hotel La Ermita


Hotel La Ermita in Cuba’s westernmost province, Pinar del Río, is a beautiful building that integrates harmoniously into the breathtaking landscape of the Viñales Valley. According to experts, the establishment is an excellent option for nature lovers, since the environment is closely linked to Man’s work on the land, especially tobacco crops. Guests can enjoy trekking on various specialized trails, where they can take a closer look at the local flora and fauna, especially birds and the cork palm, which is considered a living fossil.