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Hotel Cayo Levisa


Hotel Cayo Levisa If you land one of the oceanfront bungalows here, you may never want to leave this idyllic little resort. I prefer the older rooms, which are individual bungalows, built in two rows parallel to the shore and staggered so they all get an ocean view. The rooms themselves are rather spartan, although they are relatively spacious with two twin beds. Perhaps their best feature is an ample front porch with a couple of sitting chairs. The newer rooms are slightly more plush, but you sacrifice a bit of privacy and isolation in these more modern, wooden units. Scuba diving and snorkeling are the prime activities here, although you can organize a game of beach volleyball, or get an open-air massage from the resident massage therapist under the shade of palm trees at the water’s edge. Dining here is a la carte and the little restaurant serves good fresh seafood and criolla (Cuban creole) cuisine at reasonable prices.
Restaurant; bar; massage