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Apartment Fefita and Luis


Fefita and Luis offers for you, for your family and yours friends the option to enjoy your holidays in an apartment placed in a majestic building that is located to the beginning of the Walk of Martí or Paseo del Prado, the most beautiful Walk of the city of Havana, this building is recognized like one of more attractions and insurances in Old Havana, in the embassy of Denmark is, as well as other Cuban-foreign companies, in the apartment previous to his. This building constructed in the year 1950 of modern architecture with wide glazed patios, with 9 apartments high, shows the abundance of the epoch in which it was constructed, with the widest rooms that have wide large windows of glazing where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful and pleasant panoramic sight of the most refreshing part of the city, which they offer to the visitor a magnificent comfort for the enjoyment of a few excellent holidays.

All the places of tourist interest stay very close, in spite of only traveling a few minutes you can visit: The Capitolio, the Obispo’s boulevard, The Old Square, Square of the Cathedral, The Square of San Francisco, the Train station, The Square of Armas, the Revolution Museum, The bars The Floridita and The Bodeguita of the Way, etc.
From our apartment the guests who visit us appreciate a special Havana since visually they can cover from the levee, the majestic Capitolio, the Palace of the craft, night centers and the complex tourist Morro-Cabañas to another side of the Bay of Havana. The Walk of the Prado guarded by his immobile lions that symbolize the power and have seen with of studying of the years to parade his surroundings to presidents, senators, workpeople and up to lovers, each one with your own history.