Pavo Real Hostel


Pavo Real Hostel, rent two rooms with air conditioning, private baths (warm and cold water in the shower). A room is inside the house, which is wide and comfortable, other one is independent to the house in a side and has others of the room and the bath, a living room and a kitchen for the use of his lodgers.

In our Property you will be able to pass excellent days and to be in direct contact with the nature, since the property consists of pretty gardens and green areas, with beautiful fruit-bearing trees that it it turns into an excellent rural accommodation much next to the center of Havana, also the accommodation has a swimming pool for your enjoyment, space for the clearing, the relaxation and the meditation, as well as a bar where you will be able to taste of an excellent gulp of Cuban rum, preferably a delightful cocktail of Havana Club and a rancho where you will be able to satisfy his palate with the excellent Cuban meal. Also our property possesses several objects and luxurious furniture that will turn out to be to him very attractive and that perhaps remain recorded in his mind for his peculiarities and beauty.

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