Hostel Buen Viaje


Hostel Buen Viaje, located in a colonial house built in 1867 retaining its original style, offers visitors a family environment in an adequate balance of history and contemporaneity.
Rent two double bedrooms with double beds, each with a private bathroom with hot and cold water 24 hours, the rooms have access to an indoor garden decorated with tropical plants, offering tourists a right mix of comfort and elegance. The hostel has wide corridors that surround the garden, furnished with chairs to better enjoy your stay.

The house is located only 150 meters from the Plaza also known as Elizabeth II, is very convenient for those who enjoy the proximity to it, yet calm and detachment from the bustle of traffic, the nightclubs of the square, and bystanders.

Remedios was 8th Villa founded by the Spanish in Cuba, not only treasured myths, legends and carousing, but also valuable architectural treasures, historical and cultural is everywhere. Recognized like national heritage from 1982, it shows between the principal tourist attractions of his historical center the Biggest Parochial Church and the Statue of the Freedom. The town celebrated every year on the dawn of December 25 the oldest traditional festival Cuba: The Parrandas.

During your stay at Hostel Buen Viaje have within reach the pristine beaches of the Keys Santa Maria and Los Ensenachos, the finest in the Caribbean.

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Chun Tai EugeneAugust 16th, 2011 at 3:40 pm

The owner of the casa is extremely helpful and he speaks English too!!!! He gave us full guideline on the driving route and helped us to solve a lot of problems, including calling up the car rental hotline to ask the technician to come over to fix our car as well as helping us to call to our next casa for confirmation of our stay.
Their room are spacious and their beds are good enough for 2 people! We have a twin occupancy room but surely can accommodate 4 people if it is the case for you.
They are going to renovate their patio by adding a water fountain in it, so don’t miss to chance to visit them when you’re in Remedios.

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