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Hostel 1830


Hostel 1830, The private house Yirina and Chichi, is one of the most beautiful colonial constructions built in Trinidad at the beginning of the century The is located in the center of the historical helmet, opposite to Terminal of bus of Viazul of this heriditary city. At present it belongs to the family Torrado, and gives services of rent rooms.

This centenary building have a very wide principal lounge, set in his center for columns that characterize her in the style of
epoch. There is this house catalogued by the Office of the Conservative like a house of high heriditary value, differing in his beauty inside this one town stopped in the time.

There let two rooms that survive as the rest of the colonial house, since they support the wall original paintings and possess his
intact structure. They possess exclusive privacy, air conditioning and they are provided with a sanitary bathroom with water 24 hours to the temperature that you wish it.

In the house also dinners and breakfasts are offered by request of the client, these meals contain the most important ingredient: the freshness. Independently of his stay in the rooms, the client has access to all the places of the house in entire confidence: it can come to patio it is to listen to Cuban music or to dancing Salsa. The court possesses an exotic vegetation, offers an agreeable comfort, and along with this one
family, you will spend unforgettable moments in this beautiful city heriditary.

Advise about arrival time.

Check in and check out time very flexible.

Villa Colonial Frank and Arelys


Villa Colonial Frank and Arelys, in the city of San Juan de los Remedios (National Monument) located in the province of Villa Clara, Republic of Cuba, you will find our Cheap Hotel “Villa Colonial”. We are just 5 meters of the Historical Helmet and 100 meters from the city centre!

Our cheap Hotel “Villa Colonial” is a beautiful colonial house constructed in 1879. We have a beautiful dining room as well as a Patio outdoors for your enjoyment and relaxation!

PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation (we have capacity for 2 major persons of age and 2 minors of age per room).

We look forward to having you stay here!

Nivia Hostel


Casa Nivia, Colonial house located next to the Park Céspedes, House of the Trova, House of the Music, Hotel Casa Granda and diverse places of interests for the tourists like the Museum Emilio Bacardí, the Museum of the Carnival, Diego Velázquez and others.

Our house of accommodation possesses three living rooms, six bed rooms, 4 bathrooms, kitchen and dining room; court with orchids, ferns and shade of grapes for your snacks, you have dinner, chat or to enjoy a delightful and pure Cuban coffee, which we offer free to our hosts, courteousness of the cheap hotel. The house possesses abundant water for your use during your stay in our accommodation.

There is possibility of parking, we offer services of breakfast, dinners, snacks, service of laundry, phone, access to the email, the electricity in our house is 110 and 220 Volt, and the use of the icebox.

We offer free sandwich and juice of fruits when the tourists travel from our house towards another city. And for those that come directly to our house from his fatherland, exhausted so many hours of flight and do not want to have dinner, we offer them free a refreshing juice of natural fruit.

Those who should be interested in tourism of nature or to know on the Cuban nature, sceneries, rivers, beaches and mountains we can offer to him a varied information since two field biologists live in our house, who are accustomed to covering the Island, also we can offer to you information about routes of highway.

Video del Hostal Nivia

House Martin and Gisel


House Martin and Gisel, rent rooms to tourists located in the center of the city of Santiago de Cuba, much next to the Park Cespedes and his surroundings.

Rent two rooms with air conditioning, a room of being with icebox, private bath with warm and cold water and two patios, the interior one in a fresh ambience, surrounded with natural plants and other one with sight to the bay of Santiago de Cuba.

It is offered the tourists: breakfasts and dinners, phone, service of laundry, parking of cars with safety between others.

Lunass Apartment


Lunass Apartment, a modern apartment placed in the center of Havana! We are very close to Vedado!
We are just 700 meters from the Havana Libre Hotel. We are just are 20 minutes walking distance from Old Havana.

The apartment offers you a great place to sleep as well as breakfast and dinner, and laundry service.
You will share your stay with the owners. We look forward to seeing you here!
Gay Friendly Accommodation!

Tamara Guesthouse


Casa Tamara, offer a memorable experience! Located in centre of the city we are the perfect stop on your backpacker trail of Havana!

Acela Apartment


Acela Apartment, comfortable apartment of accommodation to tourists located in the central Avenue of 23 in Vedado and next to the Avenue Paseo, in Havana, Cuba.

We provide:

  • Breakfasts and Dinners at reasonable prices.
  • Service of laundry. (I change savannas and towels every day).
  • Tourist information about the city.
  • Search of the best options in the offices of rent cars.
  • References to exclusive places to the buy of souvenirs.
  • Telephone connection with the different places of interest (taxis, airports, etc).

Legal accommodation for tourists in Havana, Cuba with excellent prices. We look forward to seeing you here!



Lilian House


Lilian House, built in the 1930s and located in Vedado, in the center of Havana City, next to the Revolution Square, Havana University, the central 23 Avenue, the Presidents Avenue and an important group of hospitals of the Havana City.

You will find here all the attentions and serviceability that will make it feel like your own house, in company of the family of Mrs. Lilian Rosa Viera and her husband Dr. Miguel Angel Buergo, ah and the delight and happiness of Chuchú whom the attention wakes up, as well as the aroma of the Cuban coffee at the dawn.
You will be able to use spaces for cars and the patios where the plants and the sun always greet you every morning…


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